Psychological Perspectives on Gender

Review Chapter 13 in the course text, Gender: Psychological Perspectives. Focus on the gender-related differences and similarities in issues related to health, including the incidence, mortality rates, diagnoses, and prognoses for various health issues; lifestyle and behavioral differences that lead to and/or possibly prevent health problems, and issues related to health delivery systems.

Select a physical or mental issue that interests you that has gender-related differences, and explore this health issue in some depth.

Consider the following elements in your analysis:

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What are the differences between genders in the incidence, mortality rate, diagnosis, and prognosis of that health issue?

What are the gender-related lifestyle and behavioral differences that lead to and prevent the health issue?

What influence might gender have on how men and women are treated by health care professionals and the health care system?

assignment (1–3 pages):

Briefly describe the physical or mental health issue you have selected.

Compare (similarities and differences) the following factors for men and women:

The incidence, mortality rate, diagnosis, and prognosis of that health issue

The lifestyle and behavior differences that lead to and/or may prevent the health issue

Issues related to health care access, diagnosis, and treatment by health care professionals

Finally, summarize your paper by discussing your insights on gender differences and your thoughts about how these gender differences might impact individuals from each gender, the health care system, and society as a whole.

Site all resources and quote used

Course Text: Gender: Psychological Perspectives

Chapter 14, “Stress, Coping, and Psychopathology” (pp. 364–396)

Chapter 13, “Health and Fitness” (pp. 332–363)

Web Sites


Definitions of Populations

Note: Scroll down to the “Gender” heading to explore specific health issues for each gender.

Optional Resources

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