Psychology homework help

please read instructions carefully!!!!!!!!!!!! use “social learning as theory, MAAP and 16 personality for test assessment” if needed
IV. Assessment Scoring
A. Discuss how the assessments are scored. [COU-630-04]
V. Assessment Results Interpretation

  1. State the results of each assessment. [COU-630-04]
  2. Summarize what each assessment means. Discuss the personality and career assessments in separate paragraphs. [COU-630-04]
  3. Summarize what the assessments mean together. [COU-630-04]

i. What is your interpretation of the assessment results?
D. Summarize what the results mean in terms of the clients future career. [COU-630-01]
i. Make sure to provide rationale.
E. Address the validity and reliability of the results. [COU-630-04]
VI. Recommendations
A. Discuss how the results impact their educational level. [COU-630-04]

  1. Does the client need more education to seek a new career?
  2. What do the results implicate with respect to their education?
  1. Identify any specific education resources you would recommend. Why? [COU-630-02]
  2. Identify any occupational resources you may provide the client with. [COU-630-02]

i. What occupational resources would you recommend to help? Why?

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  1. Discuss what you suggest the client’s career direction should be moving forward. [COU-630-01]
  2. Support the client’s recommended career direction using data. [COU-630-04]

i. How is the data informing the labor market and the career path you are suggesting?
A. Summarize your overall career recommendations. [COU-630-01]
i. What are your overall recommendations and predictions and prognosis?