Psychology homework help

 I need a paper that is 8 pages long not including title and references. with a PowerPoint to accompany it.
The PowerPoint 8 slides minimum – need to explain the whole paper and pls don’t just copy and paste phrases from the paper and just reword or paraphrase the subject matter
I need it on Alzheimer’s how it affects the brain with long and short term memory retrieval, poor language skills, and lastly process(perceptual).
the introduction and please talk about the history and current understanding of Alzheimer’s and what it does to a person slowly with the passage of time.
Please explain each part of the software of the brain and how it affects the following subject.
1) long and short term memory retrieval
2) poor language skills and ability to talk
3)process(perceptual) and how they organize and interpret information from the outside world
!!!! Please do not put medication or treatments but if you do make it minimal and what it does to affect the physical brain and the software
!!!! talk more about the software of the brain and not the operation of the mind, reaction time speed of the cognitive process.