Psychology homework help

General Requirements:
Students will be required to work collaboratively in small groups to prepare a presentation of 20-25 minutes in duration plus 5 to 10 minutes of class discussion and questions for a total of 30 minutes. The presentation can include lectures, audiovisual material, and group interaction. The presentation will be on either a category of disorders or a specific psychological disorder of your groups’ choosing. The purpose of this project is to expose you to different psychological disorders, as well as to help build your group work and oral presentation skills. Your objectives are to 1) thoroughly research either a category of disorders or a specific psychological disorder of interest as a group, 2) present to the class about your topic by clearly discussing scientific research related to your topic, and 3) use an interactive/engaging presentation style. It will include:
A description of the disorder, including DSM-V symptomology.
The etiology/development of the disorder.
Possible treatment objectives/goals.
Keep in mind that this should be a creative group presentation! Therefore, I am looking for a highly interactive presentation style. Some ways to accomplish this are by guiding the class in an activity, inviting audience participation, or anything that gets the class engaged. Though showing video clips can be an effective presentation tool, I do not consider this to be interactive; therefore, if you choose to show a brief film clip and/or use Google Slides, please be sure to also include an interactive component in your presentation. I am more than happy to assist you in this process should you want some suggestions. Additionally, I would like every group member to participate in the oral presentation. One week prior to the presentation, presenters are to share their Google Slides presentation along with any other information to be presented with me. On the day of the presentation, a brief summary of the presentation (1 page, double-spaced typed summary) is to be handed in. Be sure to include a typed list of all references used in your presentation in APA format. Failure to submit the summary at the time of the presentation will result in a 5-point deduction from your grade. Group members will be expected to contribute equally to the finished product and will receive the same grade on the presentation. However, should it become apparent that the work was not shared fairly, grades may be assigned differently to each individual.
Use this rubric as a checklist when creating your group presentation.