Psychology homework help

Neuroplasticity is a hot topic in biopsychology. This concept involves the brain’s ability to regenerate neuronal activity following some type of damage (i.e. biological, environmental, etc.). Consider the information presented in the text on this topic in Chapter 10.
What exactly is involved in neuroplasticity? What is your opinion – is it possible to regenerate neurons? Why or why not? What methods, if any, do you think hold the most promise? Which medical and/or mental health concerns might benefit from additional research in these areas of psychology?
Create an 8-12 PowerPoint slide presentation to explain your responses and illustrate your findings. Please support your points with information from the text and at least 2 additional peer-reviewed journal articles from the library. Be sure to include speaker notes. Take care to use APA formatting in citing your sources in both your speaker notes and a references slide.
** Include discussion of ethical, cultural, and legal issues related to these concepts.