Psychology homework help

Leading Groups, Facilitating Groups, and Reading People

Complete the assigned readings, and in this final discussion for HUM 6100, instruct the class regarding:

  • What have you learned about effective facilitation that will help your peers facilitate groups of consumers in the future?
  • What have you learned about nonverbal communication and body language?

Include the following in your initial post:

  • Describe what you feel are the least and most effective styles of leadership, providing an example describing an effective leader that you admire and/or one for whom you have less admiration.
  • Provide one or more resources that will help your peers continue to grow as facilitators of small and/or large groups.
  • Describe three ways of communicating nonverbally and explain how this communication is harmful or helpful in your relationship with human services consumers.

Substantively respond to a minimum of two peers by Day 7 of Week 6. Critically evaluate your classmates’ presentations, offering constructive criticism and recommendations.

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The main discussion post should consist of 450-650 words. Please cite and reference your main post in APA format.