Public Health for Nutrition

You should complete this template using no more than 800 words. All text that is part of this template, your student and assignment details (section 1), in-text citations, and your reference list (section 5), are not counted in the word limit. Note that the boxes in the template will expand in size automatically as you enter text into them. You need to source your own information to complete the assignment and you can get the information from scholarly publications including books and reports such as those listed in the learning resources section of the Subject Learning Guide; other similar books/reports; the full text of papers published in scholarly journals (hardcopy and/or online) that you can find by searching databases; and other scholarly material that can be found on the websites of health organisations (e.g. the World Health Organization), universities, and governments. You should include citations of references (as above) in APA6 style in the text in each of the sections (numbered 2 – 4 (a, b, c) of the template to support each of the points that you make. All cited references should be listed (in APA6 style) at the end of the assignment (in section 5). Details about APA style can be found on the La Trobe library website. You should submit the completed template (in word format) to the Assignment Submission Box (drop box), via the Assignment Submission link, which is in the Assessment section of the LMS homepage for the subject. Instructions for submission are provided within the drop box.
1. Student and Assignment Details
Student number: Student name (optional): Word count: Date of submission:
2. Risk Factors (-150 words, 6 marks)
Using an example for each of (i) and (ii): (i) explain what is meant by the term ‘risk factor’. (3 marks) (ii) explain the nature of the difference between modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors. (3 marks) (For both (i) and (ii) correctness of explanation = 1 mark; clarity of explanation = 1 mark; appropriateness of example — I mark
Marker’s use only (i) /1 /1 /1 (ii) /1 /1 /1 Total /6

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