Public Health Promotion Evaluation

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QUESTION# 1 350words

Discussion: Health Promotion – Social Marketing

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Health Promotion – Social Marketing

Discuss theCDC’s framework for public health program evaluation.

· What is the significance and importance of each step in the process for your particular program?

QUESTION #2 400words

Discussion: Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation

Evaluation is the process of determining the value or worth of a health promotion program or any of its components based on predetermined criteria or standards of acceptability identified by stakeholders.

Describe your evaluation program design in terms of the evaluation processes, i.e., Formative, Process,Summative, Impact and/or Outcome Evaluation. How many evaluation methods fit your plan for program evaluation?


Assignment: Public Health Program (Part 7): Final Project (with Public Health Promotion Evaluation)

Submit Assignment: Public Health Program (Part 7): Final Project (with Public Health Promotion Evaluation)

In week 7, students complete the evaluation section of the public health program plan, i.e., how do you plan to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of outcomes for your public health program after it is implemented.

Program Evaluation Chart TemplateDocument Preview:

Title Page Public Health Program Promotion for _____________(Your Topic) Final Term Paper Student Name Date MPH 585, Programming and Evaluation in Public Health Instructor Name Weekly Assignments and Use of Templates Remove everything in red from the Final Written Assignment before you submit each week. Leave anything in black font. All Assignments should be written in APA formatting with APA references. The templates should be used for assignments 1-7 and your final paper, which is the complete public health program plan that is due in week 7. The Week 7 Assignment is a culmination of all assignments: Weeks 1-7 and is considered your final Public Health Program Plan. Formative and Process Evaluation Written Assignment #7: Program Evaluation, Graded as Part of Final Term Paper Project Your final paper should demonstrate your program evaluation process and the evaluation standards used to measure and state your outcome results. In the evaluation section of your paper, you should state how you will meet the purpose of your health promotion program, i.e., How will you determine achievement of objectives related to improved health status? How will you use the evaluation results to improve program implementation? How will you show accountability to funders, the community, and other stakeholders? How might you increase community support for initiatives? How might your program contribute to the scientific base for community public health interventions? How might your program inform and affect public health policy decisions? Additionally, you will create a table (or use the templates below) with the elements of the formative evaluation and the elements of the process evaluation that are located in Tables 14.1 and 14.2 of the textbook. Clearly explain how each element will be addressed in your program. If there is an element that you do not think is relevant, provide the justification.

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