Research Paper about a Brochure

Paper about this brochure see link below anesthesia and sedation- 3 pages double spaced, excluding title and reference page. Extra pages won’t be read.

Use resources to support findings in this paper using Include a copy of the articles used to me.

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APA format with a title page and reference page. Include proper quotation information for resources used.

Answer all questions asked in narrative format.


One paragraph that includes the brochure title, date published, and your understanding of who the information would benefit.

Summary of Brochure

Main topics discussed; and how communication between patients and healthcare providers is encouraged.

Evaluation of Brochure

Critique the brochure. Include a full one- to two-page critique that

answers all of the following questions.

1. What was done well, and what could have been improved in the


2. Why did this topic interest you?

3. Was the information provided in the brochure beneficial? Could

you incorporate it in your patient education?

4. Was the information presented clearly?

5. Did current nursing or healthcare related research support the

information presented in the brochure?

6. What population or individuals does this article apply to (i.e.,

who will benefit the most from this brochure)? Who else can use

this information?

7. Will this information increase patient safety? Defend your



An effective conclusion identifies the main ideas and major support

points from the body of your report. Minor details are left out.

Summarize the benefits of following the brochure’s advice to a

person at risk.

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