Research your chosen software's functions and how it works, and critically analyze your findings


HSM 330 Week 7 Course Project

This file of HSM 330 Week 7 Course Project gives the solution to:


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Research your chosen software’s functions and how it works, and critically analyze your findings.


Specifically, the paper should offer the following information and address these issues:

Name of the product

Uses of the product

Integration with other information systems

User friendliness of data entry and data retrieval

Benefits of this particular software over similar types of software

The implementation process you would use to implement the EHR

Critically analyze your findings

Other Content Suggestions:


Philosophical views of the EHR


Reduction of cost

Improved quality of care

Promote evidence-based medicine

Record keeping and mobility




Governance, privacy, and legal issues

Privacy concerns

Legal issues


Legal interoperability

Regulatory compliance

Technical Issues


Open specifications


Long-term preservation and storage of records

Synchronization of records

E-health and tele-radiology

Other Guidelines:

Papers must be 12

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