Social Science homework help

Individual Research Project (IRP):
On the topic proposed earlier in the semester. Proposal must be approved by instructor in order to receive credit for this final. Project submissions that were not approved will receive a ZERO.

  1. Paper – (1500-word minimum), must incorporate in-text citations of and bibliography for at least 5 sources, 2 of which need to be academic/scholarly.
  2. Playlist –   (5 songs) – (alternatives may include: film, lyrics, remix, parody song, musical composition, visual art, etc.)
  3. Presentation – (ppt. w/voiceover or podcast) approx. 10 mins
  4. In addition, I need a Speech, which should be combined with the presentation.

For this work, you must give me 4 separate files. One for Paper, One for Playlist, One for Presentation, One for Speech.
I posted all the guidances of each works below, please follow the instructions.

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