Social Science homework help

Choose one of the following two cases from the textbook and apply Catholic social theory to the case you choose.
The Solar Suitcase
The Bitter Internal Drive of Apple
Each student will produce a paper consisting of at least 5 pages (1,250 words). The papers will be typed in double space, 1.25″ margins and 12 pt Times New Roman font. This papers should defend and support an ethical position in relation to one of the cases listed above. The due date for this paper can be found in the course schedule under the final entry.

  • In this paper, students should focus on defending and supporting an ethical position in relation to one of the cases listed above.


  • The purpose of this paper is to deepen one’s inquiry into the subject matter by arguing for a particular ethical standpoint in regard to one of the cases we have studied.


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  • This is not a superficial opinion paper, i.e.,what one liked or didn’t like about a particular case, or a simple statement of how one would resolve the case.


  • This paper should focus first on demonstrating knowledge of ethical theories and principles learned in this course and using these to defend and support your own ethical position.


  • The paper should ethically evaluate the specific case the student has chosen in order to support a particular moral position. In this assignment you are being asked to judge the rightness or wrongness of various options taken by decision-makers in the case chosen.


  • You are not being graded on your opinion, or what you liked or didn’t like about a particular case, so spending a great deal of time and space addressing these issues is not going to improve your grade.


  • Students should especially avoid sharing their opinions when these are inconsistent with, or contradict the conclusions that logically flow from the position you are defending in the paper.


  • Students should avoid attempting to address every theory and principle learned in the class to any given case. This will only result in a superficial evaluation.


  • This paper should reflect a serious grappling with the challenging issues raised by these ethical dilemmas.