Sociology homework help

  • Reflect on your life. What were all the things, moments, and/or major events that have happened throughout your life that help define who you are? How have these experiences help shape your morals/values, how you negotiate your relationships, and consider if or how these experiences have influenced what your interests are.
  • Now, think about the world. Think about this current moment in history. Think about the things you don’t completely understand but want to know more about. Explain what these things are. Write down things that interest you. Think about society, the entire social world, ideas, history; how would the future look if things continued as they are? How would the future look if you could make it better? What would you change?
  • What do you think sociologist do? What’s the significance of sociology? What do you expect to get out of this class?

Please answer this reflection paper in essay format (ASA; double spaced; 12 point font Times New Roman)—refer to syllabus for additional formatting details.  There is no page limit as long as the questions are fully answered.