SWOT analysis what am I missing

ScenarioYou are assigned to create a strategic plan that facilitates change to improve outcomes in your organization. Knowing that change is based on data, relative position within the dynamics of an organization, and a theoretical foundation, you agree to complete a SWOT analysis supported by a change theory.InstructionsGenerate a SWOT analysis that reflects an understanding of a problem within the context of the organization’s needs and potential for change. As a nurse leader or manager, develop your analysis based on a change theory to improve outcomes by addressing one of the following processes:Healing spacesRetention of new nursesIncrease number of BSN RNsNurse leader succession planningClinical ladderThis SWOT analysis will include a description of the strengths of the proposed change, weaknesses within the context of the organization, opportunities for improving outcomes if the proposed change is implemented, and threats to the success of this proposal. A thorough analysis must include the following:Identify and integrate a change theory as the foundation of your SWOT analysis justifying the selection of the theory used.Description of the problem to be analyzed to promote a change and improve an outcome.SWOT analysis to include the following elements:Strengths of the proposal for changeWeakness of the proposal within the context of the organizationOpportunities for improved outcomes if the proposed change is implementedThreats to this proposal, both internal and external to the organization.Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.

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