The Feminist Approach Essay Example

The Feminist Approach Essay Example



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The feminist approach has been operational for the last couple of decades. This approach aims to understand the nature and prevalence of gender inequalities in society since time immemorial. The approach critiques both men’s and women’s social roles, experiences and interests in a different society.  Additionally, it helps individuals understand the various types of discrimination and stereotypes associated with gender in various societies. For example, what is expected of women in different societies. In the recent past, things have taken a new twist. What was regarded as duties of women, men are engaging in such activities too. For instance, men currently play a significant role in child-raising which previously was considered as the role of women. Therefore, there is a need for female independence and individuality in marriage as seen below.

Since time immemorial, women were expected to perform the role of a caregiver. They were not supposed to work and provide for their families, pursue education and grow their careers. Men enjoyed these privileges but were expected to provide for their families. Women accepted these roles but as time passed by a sense of rebellion started to grow. For example in the book A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin’s, the lady mentioned fully performed her roles as a housewife but finally got tired of it.  Besides, the mentioned lady did not want to see her son and left the role of taking care of him son to the husband. Such a situation raises the need for independence and individuality in marriage. Women having individuality can assist them in having outstanding qualities to be envied by all. Additionally, it will act as a vehicle of fuelling personal fulfillment. Independency, on the other hand, will help women to remain self-reliant. They will help their husbands in providing for their families and especially during the hard economic time.

Women in patriarchal societies were subjected to oppressive rules. Such women could not make their own decisions without the approval of their husbands. As a result, they would suffer from depression as a result of the issues they went through. For instance, they were not allowed to express their feeling as it was regarded as disrespectful (Offen, 4). Besides, these women were required to be perfect in everything they did which gave them a lot of pressure. For example, they were required to raise children and carry out other household chores perfectly. For example in the book A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin’s, the lady and his house girl were expected to be completely perfect in carrying out their roles. Individuality and independence in the family would help such ladies to make their own rational decisions without approval from anyone. The lady of the house would decide on pursuing other important things such as career development instead of staying at home and taking care of the child.

Feminism denies women a sense of liberation. Their minds are not liberated and therefore see themselves as worthless.  For instance, they don’t believe they can act as a role model to the rest of society (Pasque, and Wimmer 16. This is because they are denied basic needs such as education which helps in the development of self-esteem. Such women end up blaming themselves for the failures of other people. For instance, in the book A Sorrowful Woman, the lady blames herself for abandoning her duties. Additionally, she does not see this as a perfect chance to be free from what society considers as her rightful duties though oppressive to some degree. Individuality in marriage is very essential as it would help the lady to see the different qualities she and her husband possess. This would make her feel appreciated for all she does to make her family stand out. Additionally, independence would help her do what she considers good without caring what others would say about it.

According to feminists, women should always sacrifice their happiness to fulfill that of their male colleagues. They should at all times strive to do what makes their husbands happy at the expense of their happiness. For instance, they are expected to obey their husbands at all times. Whenever husbands are wrong, they are not supposed to correct them as this is regarded as disrespectful. A point of correction is enough to make a husband physically abuse his wife. Therefore, women fail to indulge in activities such as politics which is regarded to be a game for the males. As a result, issues affecting women are not well addressed due to the absence of representatives to represent their grievances (Pasque, and Wimmer 16). Individuality and independence at the family level can make women believe in themselves. Strong family women will result in strong women in politics ready to fight for what they believe in. such women will face off with the males and thus secure positions of power for the greater good of the society.

Feminism emphasizes on putting other people’s interests ahead of individual interests. As a result, societies which still use this approach have low rates of divorce. For instance, the wife putting her husband’s and children’s interests ahead of hers creates a sense of harmony in the family and hence the growth of a perfect family. Although the woman may suffer from within, the better good is always achieved.

Although the need for women individuality and independency is vital, it can lead to serious problems in the family setting. Through individuality and independence, women can be financially stable. Therefore, individualized marriage will be associated with high levels of divorce. This can be attributed to each partner in the marriage setting, concentrating more on individual interests and desires above those of the other. Individualism can also make people lead a less than satisfying life. Such people would only care about fulfilling the emotional needs of their spouses instead of concentrating on the traditional roles of the spouse.

Independency in marriage can cause disunity between husbands and wives in raising their children. The situation that the man relies on the wife to raise the children while the women rely on the man to provide for the family comes to an end. This leads to unstable families as both parents understand each other’s’ roles and hence can best perform them without much strain.

In conclusion, both men and women should be treated equally as all possess abilities to perform when given a fair playing ground. All myths that tend to discriminate against women should be eliminated. Additionally, anybody found guilty of discriminating against a fellow human being, may it be a male or a female should face the full force of the law. School curriculums should incorporate issues relating to both men and women for the greater good of society.



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The Feminist Approach Essay Example