The Health Education topic in the realm of health care

Power Point Final Exam Project

HLTH 3420 Health Education

Each student will be completing an individual power point presentation over your Health Education topic. The Health Education topic is something of particular interest to you in the realm of health care. The topic is submitted to your instructor for approval prior to beginning the teaching project. You may need a bit of guidance in targeting your topic. Examples of a few topics previously used:

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· Understanding Hyperthyroidism

· Recognizing Stress

· What you do not Know about Peridontal Disease

· Childhood Obesity

· HIV/AIDS Among Women

You are a health care provider teaching your first class. You will teach the class using a PowerPoint presentation. You will also provide a handout for the audience. The following assignments will assist you in developing the final presentation:

>Select a topic of interest

>Develop Behavioral/Learning Objectives

>Design a Content Outline

>Completion of a Teaching Plan Outline

Your submitted presentation will be worth 20% of your grade

· Your PowerPoint presentation will consist of 20-28 slides. Each slide will contain lecture notes located in the “Speaker notes” area below the slide to supplement your power point slides. Speaker notes will consist of at least five sentences per slide. Speaker notes are what you would actually say to the audience.

· Slide 1: The name of the class you have created, your name, name of the course (Health Education), semester & year

· Slides 2-28: Contain the following information: (You may add up to 5 slides to insert additional information)

a. Slide 2-3: Introduction/Background of the topic

(may include definition, statistics, prevalence)

b. Slide 3-5: List your overall goal/learning outcome and related objectives. A minimum of 3 objectives are required.

c. Body of the presentation will take approximately 5-10 slides: Begin with the Content Outline you’ve developed and provide the teaching information that you will share with your audience. Be careful not to crowd too much information on your slides. Most of your effort will be in the “speaker notes” in the white space area below the slide as you actually teach the class. This is where you will provide detailed information for the content that is presented on the slide to the audience. In an actual presentation, the audience only sees the PPT slide, not the speaker notes. Remember, this is what you will say to the audience.

d. Conclusion/ Summary: 1-2 slides.

e. Convert your previous submitted written handout into a slide if possible. If you cannot do it, it is ok, since I have already viewed and graded your handout. (1-2 slides).

f. You will add 3 small visual aids incorporated throughout your content. You may also want to add a large visual aid (1-2 slides) at the end of the presentation to show what you may use in class. Please use clip art or other pictures which are not copyright protected.

g. Provide evaluation method (insert quiz, return demonstration instructions, general questions you will ask) (1-2 slides) for each evaluation method you planned.

h. Find and summarize two research articles found on your subject in a journal using the online University library, Galileo. Etc. (2 slides). Make sure to also provide the web links or cite complete information according to APA format in your references.

i. List at least 4 references from reliable health sites and 2 references from the research articles (total 6 references) (1 slide).

j. How will you prepare your classroom? Are chairs in a semi-circle? Are there tables or desk? List all the supplies you will need in the beginning of your speaker notes under introduction. Example: chalkboard, LCD projector, CD player, 12 chairs, snacks, dry erase board, etc.

General Tips for Success on the Project

· Keep it simple! Less on the slide is actually better.

· Save details for the speaker notes.

· Contrast text and background color. Make sure the font and color can be easily read by the audience. Be creative and professional in appearance with slides.

· Do not insert pictures which are copyrighted sources as you do not have permission to use them. Us only pictures from “Clip Art” or other sources that are not copyright infringements.

· Please note: Lecture/ speaker notes are inserted below the slide. Speaker notes are what you would actually be saying if you are presenting this information in class. They are also known as speaker/ lecture notes. If you have questions how to insert speaker notes, please contact the HUB. Speaker notes do not go in the slide, but underneath in the “text area” below the slide.

· Slides contain only bullet points and abbreviated words. Do not routinely use sentences on the actual slides. Do not include too much detailed information on your slides as your audience will be reading your slides and not listening to you.

· Select two research articles pertaining to your subject from the online library available through Clayton State. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact the school library.

Grading Rubric Final Exam

Grading Criteria Maximum Points

Lists objectives and goals of the class 2

Introduction is upbeat, warm tone 2

Accurately describes health topic/ issue 5

Describe at least 3 ways for prevention of health issue 5

Describe at least 2 treatments for the health topic 5

Summarized two research articles 8

Conclusion ties in all key points 4

Lists at least 6 medically reliable references 6

Evaluation method clear/ questions listed 4

Classroom set up described 2

Speaker notes written under each slide (at least 5 sentences) 40

No grammar or spelling errors 4

Used at least 5 medical terms relevant to health topic 5

Up to three small graphics (pictures, graph, etc) inserted 3

Slides: organized flow, professional appearance, color contrast 5

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