The standards of Professional Nursing Practice

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The standards of Professional Nursing Practice are a set of standards put into place through nursing organizations, states boards, education institutions, and other agencies as expectations of how a registered nurse is to perform competently regardless of role. “The scope of Nursing Practice describes the “who”, “what”, “where”, “why”, and “how” of nursing practice” (ANA, 2010). 

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  The process is outlined or coincides with the steps of the nursing process. These steps include assessment, diagnosis, identification of outcomes, planning, implementation, and evaluation (ANA, 2010). Each step is addressed during the process. The standards are set through research, surveys, practice, and patient or process outcomes.

  There are also “nine specific standards that describe the level of competence required in the role of the professional nurse” (GCU, 2011). These nine standards are quality of practice, education, Professional practice evaluation, collegiality, collaboration, ethics, research, resource utilization, and leadership (ANA, 2010).

  Something that I have noticed is that every article that I have read on this subject emphasizes the nurse’s ability to think critically, act morally, and practice ethically within the standards that are set by our practice itself.

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