Top tips for presenting an effective presentation

Comment 1

The first step to gaining the support and funding with your idea to improve patient care is to perform research and be prepared. One should be able to support their ideas with literature and evidence based practice. I would input my idea along with the evidence based practice into a neatly design PowerPoint. The presentation would last approximately 10 minutes. The presentation will clear and simple for the upper management team to understand. The presentation would state the purpose of the idea, benefits of the idea, cost of the idea, and the population that the idea is targeting. I would show compassion for my idea while connecting with the upper management. At the end of the presentation there will be allotted time for any questions that upper management may have.

Top tips for presenting an effective presentation: Show compassion and connect with the audience, focus on the audience needs, keep it simple, smile and make eye contact, start strong, keep slides to the minimum of 10-30, tell stories, use your voice effectively, body language, and relax, breath, enjoy (Anderson, 2013).

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Comment 2

My idea to improve patient care, I would use visual presentation.  The visual presentation would be a PowerPoint presentation with charts and possibly graphs.  This type of communication tool would be great because (a picture is worth a thousand words). The upper management individuals are usually busy.  It is the first impression that counts.  The presentation would be kept short, simple, and to the point. It is not about shoving the idea and its numerous merits down your audience’s throat.  Think about how you can carefully usher your idea through the approval process. I would want them to remember what I presented. They would not remember through words but through charts or graphs.  “Graphs or charts help people understand data quickly ( Whether you want to make a comparison, show a relationship, or highlight a trend, they help your audience see what you are talking about.

Good communicators use the KISS (“Keep It Simple and Straightforward”) principle. They know that less is often more, and that good communication should be efficient as well as effective (

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