Utilizing health systems to improve public health overall.

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Data can effectively help achieve the main purpose of a health system in any country. As stated in the summary given for this discussion, measurement of health and disease is crucial for planning, determining, and solving in health care. Data is what allows this measurement to be provided, as well allowing this measurement to be accurate. As stated in the online journal article “U.S. Healthcare Data Today: Current State of Play”, “by providing greater insight to patients, providers, and policy makers into the appropriate application of interventions, and quality and costs of care, these data offer the opportunity to accelerate progress on the six dimensions of quality care—safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient, and equitable” (Chaudhry, 2006; IOM, 2001, 2009; Safran et al., 2007). This statement is imperative because it demonstrates that data represented in health systems is what ultimately allows health care to improve and grow by constantly providing relevant awareness of current public health. For instance, a health system is what provides physicians with all the information regarding their patients, which affects how the physician delivers their care. Therefore, any country can utilize health systems to improve public health overall.

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