Week 3 Assignment

As a representative of the Human Resources Department, you want to be sure your meetings are successful and that you are able to effectively articulate your message. In order to achieve this, you must spend time before the meeting to prepare. A key best practice for meeting preparation is to draft meeting notes for yourself. These notes should include a list of key topics you want to cover with your attendee(s), overall meeting goals, and any follow-up/action items you want to discuss.

To complete this Assignment, use the Simulation Meeting Notes Template to write-down important areas of the performance management system you would like to discuss with Max the department manager for Global ProTech. Be sure to consider the following questions in your meeting notes.

  • How will you greet the manager and begin the conversation to create an open dialogue yet address accountabilities, organizational expectations, etc.?
  • How will you start the coaching session with Max the manager and how will you help Max to feel comfortable talking with you while still establishing his responsibility as a manager for Global ProTech?
  • Consider strategies for reviewing the Global ProTech performance management system with Max to best elicit his receptivity to changing his current behavior(s) and practices.
  • How will you help Max discover and articulate the next steps he needs to take?
  • How might you end the coaching session, e.g., is it important to establish a follow up meeting with him, do you need to coach Max to meet with Jill within a short timeframe, etc.?

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