What should be done to improve the preparation of healthcare professionals


Week 3: Discussion

Study 1: Course content related to chronic wounds in nursing degree programs in Spain.

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Brief Description of Method Employed:

This study is a cross-sectional descriptive study that talks about chronic wounds in a nursing degree program. This article is about a study that offers a point of reference to consider where we are in this field and what should be done to improve the preparation of healthcare professionals, thereby improving the prevention and treatment of chorionic wounds.  114 colleges were analyzed in this study.

Data Collection Steps

Study           1:Course contentrelated to chronic wounds in nursing degree programs inSpain.


Step 1

Identifying the variables in this study

114 centers with degree programs.

Step 2

Analyzing the degree in nursing program information and accessing the program and course content that was available online.

Registro de Universidades, Centros y Titulos degree program was analyzed. Search terms included degree titles containing “Nursing”.

Step 3

Analyzing the content of each course description and/or syllabus

Two researchers independently analyzed the content of each course description or syllabus and reached a consensus agreement.

Step 4

Analyzing elective courses

All elective course options were recorded and placed into the different categories that had anything to do with wounds or nursing.

Step 5

Identifying the limitations of the data collection. 

The limitation of the data collection was the lack of a common set of official criteria governing nursing course content description.


This article concludes that they observed differences in the presence of the four top educational priorities in wound management and tissue repair. Pain management in patients with the chronic wound is not addressed in any course, and more courses consider the treatment of pressure ulcers than their preventions


          Cowman, S., Gethin, G., Clarke, E., Moore, Z., Craig, G., Jordan-O’Brien, J., . . . Strapp, H. (2012). An international eDelphi study identifying the research and education priorities in wound management and tissue repair. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 21(3–4), 344–353. 

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