Where Have All the Parents Gone

Write a three-page essay on one of the following topics. Do not write in the first person and second person.  Do not use contractions and give your essay a title.  Write in the present tense. Include a works cited sheet. Type your essay in the most recent MLA format.  Use at least four scholarly journal articles from Ebscohost only to support your claim.  Include an explicit-thesis statement with argumentative stance at the end of your introduction. Do not repeat what an author has already argued. Do not pad your essay with quotations from the primary or secondary sources. In addition, do not give ideas that are clichés and originate your own ideas. Do not use pretentious language.  Use a variety of syntax in your writing. Submit your assignment as a word or pdf file only.

  1. Whitehead suggests in her article, “Where Have All the Parents Gone” “if today’s children are in trouble, it’s because the parents are in trouble.” In addition, in “Autumn” in The Bluest Eye, Morrison introduces readers to children and their how they relate to their parents. In the twentieth-first century, has the role of parenting changed in the American society? Is there less emphasis and focus placed on parenting, and has this caused an instability of growth in the future generations? Can stability be created in parenting?  If so, how? Implement quotations and examples from The Bluest Eye in this response as well.
  2. According to Amy Chua in ” Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” “Western parents are extremely anxious about their children’s self-esteem.” Do Western parents provide their children with the necessary armor to function and survive in the society? Have Western parents lenient parenting styles caused negative long-term effects on their children? Argue with a strong stance.