World History homework help

The final paper…
1.  Form a question relating to IPE
2. Answer the question in 5-7 pages
3. Get my approval on the question
4. Submit to me by 4:15 PM on April 19.
Now, some of the questions being asked are:
How successful has the IMF been insolving developing financial crises in developing countries with and without help from other int’l organizations?


What was the affect of gold discoveries in the Americas on the Spain during the Spanish Empire?
Sustainable development goals:  Can trade agreements help to meet thos goals?
How do trade treaties and Int’l financial organizations (IMF, World Bank, etc.) successfully (or not) work together to promote economic development?
I look forward to your question.
Traditional Schools of IPE
Assignment: Oatley – Chapter 1
February 1:  Int’l Monetary System
Assignment: Oatley – Chapter 10
February 8:   Gold Standard & Bretton Woods
Assignments:  The Bretton Woods Conference (especially pg.5-9) – 0n Canvas
February 22: From the Gold Standard to flexible currency rates
Assignments:  Oakley – Chapter 12 & 13
Economist – Trilemma – on Canvas
CHANGE    EXAM 1 – Online due Feb. 28
March 1:      World Trade
Assignment: Oakley – Chapters 2 & 3 (Links to an external site.)     or read transcript on Canvas
Order from Chaos – on Canvas
March 8:       Society vs. State Centered Trade
Assignment: Oakley Chapter 4 & 5
March 15:      State Centered Trade continued and Economic Development – ISI
Assignments: Oakley Chapters 5 & 6
Another look at ISI – on Canvas
March 22:     Economic Development and Multinational Corporations (MNCs)
Assignments: Oakley – Chapters 7,8, & 9
“The Ladder is Broken…” on Canvas
EXAM 2 – Online due March 28
March 29:
Financial Crises
Assignments:  Oakley – Chapter 15
Trilemma (van der Kamp) – on Canvas
April 5:          Financial Crises – continued
Assignments  – Oakley – Chapter 11 (Links to an external site.)
April 12:     Successes & Possibilities
Assignment:  Oakley – Chapter 16
“Yuan as a reserve currency”, “Reserve currency – Bitcoin” – both on canvas

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