Write about a topic in biology that has been in the news.

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Biology 110 Term Paper

Topics: The paper should be on a topic in biology that has been in the news. I don’t want something broad like genetics or the environment; choose something specific like stem cells, genetically engineered crops, illegal drugs, or drug testing. If you are having trouble choosing a topic, see me. Topics should be related to what we cover in class. The purpose of this project is for the explore the difference, if any, of how scientists view a topic and how that topic is disseminated to the general public and to think about how scientists can better connect to the general population.

Format: The paper should be ~7-10 pages, double-spaced of actual content. It should also have a title page and a works cited page.

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Title Page: Should have your name, Biol 110, and section at the top and the title in the middle.

Section 1-3: Should be 7 pages, doubled-spaced, and continuous (don’t start a new page for each section). If you hand in a printed copy, print single sided.

Section 1: A review of the scientific literature (peer-reviewed) on the topic (minimum 3 papers, can be primary sources or review. Your textbook is not a source).

Section 2: A review of general news and op-ed articles (can be from newspapers, magazines, television, and/or the internet; minimum of 3).

Section 3: Your thoughts and conclusions. What do you think science and the general should do, what questions still need to be answered, are concerns from the general public merited, etc. The information in this section will vary based on your topic and opinions

Works Cited: This should be in MLA or APA format, which can be found online.

Grading: I am looking for an understanding of the science and the ability to explain it. You will also be graded on your writing (grammar, spelling, the ability to express your thoughts). For the 3rd section, I am looking for your thoughts and opinions and the ability to defend them. Put forth a cognizant argument; don’t say we shouldn’t do something because I don’t like it, give a scientifically or ethically sound reason. I will not grade you on your opinions but your ability to explain them and defend them.

Due Date: Dec 3. I will accept printed copies or electronic via email. You can turn them in at any point throughout the semester. I will also help you throughout, if you need it. As an example, if you are having trouble understanding an article, I’m willing to go over it with you. I will also give pointers if you are having trouble with writing. I suggest you also work together to edit each other’s papers.

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