Write about introduction to Psychology

Term paper should be written on some type of mental health issue and how it relates to myself or someone in my immediate family. Signs they have shown and any diagnosis are encouraged to be included. Topic should be my wife and her Co-Dependency and her Depression. Feel free to ask me for any details you may need, but it needs to sound very personal and real.

ntroduction to Psychology Research Paper 
Grading Rubric

Research paper: You will construct a research paper on a relevant topic of your choosing from the development chapter 9 that is approved by the instructor.  Papers should be based on scholarly research and written in APA format using references. Your paper is worth a test grade.

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Possible points earned 
Topic                                                                                                                          25 
Relevant to the course (5pts) 
Approved by instructor (5pts) 
Content is on-topic (5pts) 
Topic is applicable (5pts) 
Research-based (5pts)

Use of research                                                                                                          20 
Based on scholarly journal research that is current (2000-2012) (10) 
Minimum of 4 references (10)

Writing                                                                                                                       20 
Well written, grammatically correct (10) 
Correct use of citations/ references   (10)

Format                                                                                                                       25 
APA format (5pts) 
Includes title page (5pts) 
Includes reference page (5pts) 
Includes Abstract (5pts) 
Minimum of 3 pages length (not including abstract, title page, and reference, 5pts)

Timeliness                                                                                                                  10 
Submission and presentation of paper on time (10)

Total possible points                                                                                                 100

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